Top Guidelines For 2017 On Quick Systems In Shopping Sites

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Their technological prowess and financial war chest for experimentation is formidable. More reason that rank and file retailers are wise not to chase Amazon’s technological vapour trail. Doing so has proven to be a costly road to ruin for many retailers. That said, retailers must also embrace the fact that there are now technological table stakes involved just to play. But instead of trying to lead with technology, begin by more artfully engineering a new and exciting path to purchase in your category. Reinvent the journey. And after breaking this new, unique and remarkable customer journey into its most granular moments, ask a simple question: where could technology remove friction or deliver joy? I assure you, creating a unique, ownable and repeatable path to purchase is the heavy lifting that most brands are afraid of doing or simply too lazy to take on. But once complete, finding the right mix of technology to bring it to life will be the easy part. This isn’t your grandma’s retail era where a little product knowledge and a smile are enough to get by.

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