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“However if in the beginning they just make up that value price and they never attempt to sell that price, then that’s considered a fictitious price and the bargain isn’t really there,” Patten said. Manchester’s Bob’s Store does have a few good deals on liquidation, mostly shoes marked 40 percent off of similar prices advertised online. However, it also has several lackluster deals. A pair of Carhartt overalls at Bob’s comes in at 40 percent off of $89.99. Updated Donald Trump Jr. Went on Tweet Storm as Comey Testified The same pair of overalls is advertised online through a different retailer for just under $48. The story is the same for a Nautica polo shirt. It’s marketed as 40 percent off of $59.50 at Bob’s, which is about $38. Online, it’s on sale for just under $24, plus possible shipping. This trend happens industry-wide, according to Patten, both at brick-and-mortar stores and online.

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